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Chicken Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine

Chicken Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine

    Main function and characteristic:

    The rotary fully automatic bag vacuum packaging machine consists of two separate rotating bodies (filling system and vacuum system, respectively).

    Easy to operate: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and convenient operation;

    Easy to adjust: the real fully automated, just enter the required parameters from the man-machine interface, the packaging machine parts can be automatically adjusted to the required instructions part;

    High degree of automation: to achieve full automatic vacuum, weighing, packaging process to achieve unmanned, automatic fault alarm;

    Perfect prevention system, intelligent detection of whether the open bag and open the bag is complete, in the case of improper feeding is not feeding not heat sealing, not a waste of bags and materials, cost savings;

    Equipment in line with the food processing machinery health standards, equipment and materials in contact with part of the 304 stainless steel or other materials meet the food hygiene requirements of processing to ensure food hygiene and safety, in line with GMP standards;

    Using oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of the production environment;

    Clean and convenient, vacuum chamber can be cleaned;

    The use of prefabricated bags, sealing the high quality, improve product quality.

    The main technical parameters:

    1.Packaging specifications:

    2. Bag Type: flat bag, composite bag, stand-up bag, four-side seal, coated paper bag,

    3. Packing Range 160V:(W:70-140 L:80-210)mm 200V: (W:180-210 L:80-300)mm

    4. Weighing accuracy: ± 1% 10-300g

    5. Packing speed:10-55bags / minute

    6. t weight: 2900kg

    7. Main machine power: 4KW (not including vacuum pump)

    8. Host drive power: 380V 50Hz

    9. Cooling Water :3L/Min

Product introduction:

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Chicken Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine

Chicken Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine

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